Britain Concludes… Iran Conducted Attacks…

Posted by on June 16, 2019 8:11 am
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Sink anything that moves under their flag and remind them sand equals glass.If they persist hit Reset.Give them back to Allah.

Luke of the D
Luke of the D

I get that Iran is a terrorist state, which is profoundly evil and needs to be destroyed… but, this whole episode reeks of “false flag.” Ask yourself, the Islamic Republic of Iran, which openly supports terrorist organizations and advocates for the destruction of America and Israel, and out-rights hates Saudi Arabia, Brahmin, and other US “allies” in the region: why would they attack oil tankers in their own back-yard to effectively demonstrate they are evil and aggressive thus creating a legitimate reason to retaliate against them while simultaneously HELPING us by forcing oil prices UP? If the goal was to do great damage, Iran being an intelligent enemy, would have SUNK these ships and others and frankly attacked our ships in the region. Why only attack and not sink these oil tankers? Why not launch an attack on our vessels? This attack does not make any sense at all… if it was Iran. Another distinct possibility was this was meant to look like Iran did it to accomplish two things: A) Provoke a response from the USA and allies to further hurt the Iranian economy and B) Raise oil prices world-wide. Both of those goals were accomplished. So who did it? Iran, which makes no sense, or some other actor in the region? Saudi Arabia maybe, or UAE, or Israel, or maybe even the USA?