BOOM! Michael Caputo: Obama Spying Bombshell…

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Michael Caputo with Tucker Carlson last night.


New Details: Obama’s FBI used spy ‘Henry Greenberg’ to target Trump.


Read more about FBI spy Henry Greenberg at DemocratDossier…




Greenberg targeted Michael Caputo and Roger Stone with an offer on Hillary.


In late May 2016, a man calling himself Henry Greenberg contacted Trump advisors Michael Caputo and Roger Stone offering negative information on Hillary Clinton. Both Stone and Caputo refused Greenberg’s offer, but in his May 2, 2018 interview with the Office of Special Counsel, Caputo noted the Mueller team knew far more than he did about the Greenberg approach. This set off alarms.


Following his OSC interview, Michael Caputo deployed the financial resources of the Michael Caputo Legal Fund to investigate Henry Greenberg in the United States and Russia. The results of this investigation are contained within the Greenberg Dossier, posted below.


The inquiry discovered “Henry Greenberg” is actually an alias: his legal name is Gennadiy Vasilievich Vostretsov. The 59 year old Russian citizen has assumed several names, apparently to avoid scrutiny: Vostretsov has a long history of violent criminal activity in Russia and the United States.


By his own sworn admission, Vostretsov has been an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigations for at least 17 years. Comprised within the Greenberg Dossier, you will find irrefutable proof that another FBI informant contacted advisors to presidential candidate Donald Trump in summer 2016, offering information on Hillary Clinton.


Download Full file of PDF Sources – HERE




37 responses to BOOM! Michael Caputo: Obama Spying Bombshell…

  1. Kane June 22nd, 2018 at 10:45 am

    So we have Henry Greenberg and Stefan Halper identified as FBI spies, and we’re still waiting on confirmation that Joseph Mifsud was also an FBI spy.

    Will we end up hearing about more than just these 3?


    • NavyVet June 22nd, 2018 at 2:07 pm

      FBI colluding with Ruskies while accusing President Trump of colluding with enemy. This is rich, … and Obama orchestrated it all. Wonderful. Nail them to the wall!


      • Anonymous July 4th, 2018 at 11:24 am

        Problem- reaction-solution.
        The FBI creates the problem then rushes to save the day. Talk about job security.


    • Chuck Fink June 22nd, 2018 at 9:08 pm

      Carter Page was an FBI informant at least 2013 – 2015. John Carlin association. Naval intelligence background, yet very little mention or interest. Why?


      • V June 23rd, 2018 at 12:52 am

        Yes, it would be interesting to find out who gave Carter Page the idea to join the Trump campaign. He may have been wittingly or unwittingly sent in, and because of his prior work for the FBI in bringing to justice Russian spies, they twisted that around to get FISA surveillance warrants on him because of his ‘Russian connection.” And through him, surveillance on many other Trump campaign staff. What’s worse is that it did not stop at the time of the election. It continued right on into late 2017!

        And, of course, Halper inviting him to the conference in the UK also attended by Christopher Steele who thereafter featured Carter Page in the Dossier, and Halper staying in contact with him until the last FISA warrant expired in 2017 – was probably all part of the setup.


  2. Anonymous June 22nd, 2018 at 10:48 am

    There had to be multiple spies. Don’t forget the Russian lawyer and her companions at the Trump tower meeting, as well as those who set up the meeting.

    The “informants” are probably all running for cover now.


    • V June 23rd, 2018 at 1:27 am

      Agreed on “multiple.” As Justume Samson says below – a “platoon of miscreants” !

      Spies they may be, but I see them as agent provocateurs – they not only spied for info on Trump, but actually did things to try to taint Trump and his campaign, planted false evidence in the emails of campaign; e.g., Papadopoulos’ constant attempts to set up meetings with Russians in his emails to his campaign bosses, planted false evidence as in the fabricated DNS logs to corroborate Steele Dossier false allegations re Russian banks, planted false stories with media. That makes even Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele agent provocateurs with their writing and pushing false stories to the media before and since the election, leading all the way up to the Mueller Inquisition.


  3. Obligatory Airquotes June 22nd, 2018 at 11:24 am

    Maybe I’m just stupid, but all this “unbiased” spycraft that we are discovering took place over who knows how long has got me wondering, ” Why do we even have a federal law enforcement agency?”. Can someone explain it to me, because for the life of me I don’t see how if these guys are so “patirotic” they wouldn’t go work for the state police in their intelligence gathering apparatuses like the NYPD to continue to maintain our “national security”. Can anyone help me figure it out?


    • santokitime June 22nd, 2018 at 6:58 pm

      I with you but I’m getting tired of all this crap by the FBI cooks top to the bottom. Fact is nothing is going to be done about it anyway we can just move on which is sad or just wish we was young enough to move to Wyoming and tell them to and get us.

      This country is so fuk__ up and it has been going on for 30 years.

      We are at a tipping point that has been building since the 1960’s the Marxists now feel that it their time and are making their move now. Sad thing is it includes both parties. I feel sorry for Trump he is basically alone with just a few loyal people in his administration.

      The only way to win is with guns.


      • Idahoboy June 23rd, 2018 at 8:49 am

        All got started when Bush one was elected. He was an evil lying spook. Remember his ” read my lips” crap. Spooks are by their very nature bad people. The truth is not in them. These agencies have not protected us from anyone. Eliminate the CIA and Homeland security. And get the FBI out of spying.


  4. Jizmo Onyabhuti June 22nd, 2018 at 11:26 am

    Greenberg? ALWAYS!!!


    • Geoffrey limes June 22nd, 2018 at 11:44 am

      It’s genetic.


    • Scarpetta June 22nd, 2018 at 4:56 pm

      It’s because they don’t believe in Heaven or Hell. There are no consequences beyond this life.


  5. Justume Samson June 22nd, 2018 at 11:27 am

    I think this was a platoon or more of miscreants sent to undermine the Trump campaign; a cover all the bases type operation. “If we can’t trip ’em here, we’ll trip ’em there.” I think a lot more than three were on the program.


    • bobdog June 22nd, 2018 at 1:22 pm

      Another wild-eyed conspiracy theory….

      …that just may turn out to be correct.


  6. Joshua June 22nd, 2018 at 11:28 am

    but but but…there were “informants” so say the Deep Staters…and the IG Report was a “nothing burger”…,now to distract you (cough)…did you hear of the poor women and children being savagely separated and put in animal cages at the border!?



    • Anne June 22nd, 2018 at 1:00 pm

      The Cages were used during the Obama Administration, Check the date on the picture.


      • Joshua June 22nd, 2018 at 1:08 pm

        I know, that was my attempt at sarcasm because of the obvious HYPOCRISY going on with it….did you notice the DOH!!!!! there?


  7. Neil June 22nd, 2018 at 11:54 am

    And…………..nothing happens. Really tired of the mountain of proof the obama administration are criminals and nothing happens ………Sessions you are a disgrace.


  8. JM June 22nd, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    It’ll take the rest of Trump’s term… AND his next term to sort out this mess, at the rate Congessional committees are going. Huber? Sorry, anything spawned of Sessions is bound to be a slow walking disaster. I fear this is all water under the bridge now. Indict Obama? Deep State will prevent it.


    • Joshua June 22nd, 2018 at 1:17 pm

      Not being one to throw in the towel just yet, especially understanding there are many moving parts going on that we do have some info on, so I remain patient as the picture becomes clearer where even the most stubborn LibTarded Snowflakes can see it and then hopefully will wake up to demand justice…makes sense too that the slow meticulous roll out is going on just as it should…besides, statutes for Treason run a long time out….


  9. Denny Cautrell June 22nd, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    LL was nothing but a door stop, commands came from O via Susan Rice. They thought Trump was a chump. Trump already knows everything. He’s trolling them like the tards they are. At some point he may declassify all. But 4 now he doesn’t need to. Squirming worms on the hook, can’t get off. They try to crawl back into the darkness. But bigger fish will get caught. The tell-tale sign is how vicious the lies & vitriol are.


    • fiodora June 23rd, 2018 at 8:00 am

      nicely put!


  10. SSI01 June 22nd, 2018 at 3:22 pm

    Informants – or “cooperating witnesses,” as they are also known – aren’t much good as a rule of thumb unless they’ve got some criminal activity under their belts. However, the rule in our agency was we parted company with CWs when or if we discovered they were actively engaged in criminal activity – as a principal, that is, rather than on the periphery – and in particular, violent criminal activity. In spite of that violent criminal activity that caused grief to others in the US, the FBI went to bad 14 times for this guy, getting him a visa waiver each time to allow him to remain in the US and continue his criminal career.

    Who makes the decisions about keeping guys like this on the payroll, anyway???


  11. Sen cock scummer, ny chitty June 22nd, 2018 at 3:27 pm

    Hoping the greedy selfish liberal (communist) scum will ever admit the truth is a bad dream. They want money, children to rape, servants, free stuff, all the things that make their lives easy and pleasurable. The so called liberal is the worst form of life you can imagine. I am waiting for the firing squads and electric chair to be implemented. They must be held accountable.


  12. Anonymous June 22nd, 2018 at 3:48 pm



    • fiodora June 23rd, 2018 at 9:26 am



  13. Sergey Dickey June 22nd, 2018 at 5:40 pm

    A fascinating story. So this guy was involved in the food and rare metals trade/scams via St. Petersburg port at the time when Putin, as Sobchak’s aide, was in charge of this and also involved? Connected with Semyon Mogilievich? Well, is he Putin’s spy? I will be surprised if Vostretsov is his real name and his Russian life story is not an FSB legend.

    Did the FBI co-opt the FSB to subvert the Trump campaign?

    [Alexander Litvinenko, shortly before his assassination, claimed that Mogilevich has allegedly had a “good relationship” with Vladimir Putin since the 1990s.[11] (Wikipedia)]


  14. Robert June 23rd, 2018 at 10:38 am

    DJT called it a swamp? More like a nest of rats.


  15. John Q June 23rd, 2018 at 11:42 am

    What’s going is that the pieces (of the conspiracy to keep Trump out) are all starting to be sorted out in its many facets. You can bet they put more that one person or team to work looking for or setting up FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real).


  16. OldSaltUSNR June 30th, 2018 at 2:05 pm

    All of this obstruction of justice, at Justice and the FBI was brought to you by … (wait for it).

    ….. Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions

    (… to cheers, by the Marxist Democrat left!!)


    • GIGO July 4th, 2018 at 11:37 am

      Was Karl Marx a Semite?


      • JTH July 4th, 2018 at 12:22 pm

        GIGO, correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think Karl Marx was of the semitic line. I’m pretty sure the founder of Islam was though. Happy Fourth!


    • Old Fart July 5th, 2018 at 5:19 pm

      That’s Jefferson!


  17. Old Fart July 5th, 2018 at 5:24 pm

    Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.


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