Democrats Busted For Alabama False Flag…

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Democrats used Russian intelligence agency tactics — Where is the media uproar?



Democrats Faked Online Push to Outlaw Alcohol in Alabama Race


New York Times


The “Dry Alabama” Facebook page, illustrated with stark images of car wrecks and videos of families ruined by drink, had a blunt message: Alcohol is the devil’s work, and the state should ban it entirely.


Along with a companion Twitter feed, the Facebook page appeared to be the work of Baptist teetotalers who supported the Republican, Roy S. Moore, in the 2017 Alabama Senate race. “Pray for Roy Moore,” one tweet exhorted.


In fact, the Dry Alabama campaign, not previously reported, was the stealth creation of progressive Democrats who were out to defeat Mr. Moore — the second such secret effort to be unmasked. In a political bank shot made in the last two weeks of the campaign, they thought associating Mr. Moore with calls for a statewide alcohol ban would hurt him with moderate, business-oriented Republicans and assist the Democrat, Doug Jones, who won the special election by a hair-thin margin.


Matt Osborne, a veteran progressive activist who worked on the project, said he hoped that such deceptive tactics would someday be banned from American politics. But in the meantime, he said, he believes that Republicans are using such trickery and that Democrats cannot unilaterally give it up.


“If you don’t do it, you’re fighting with one hand tied behind your back,” said Mr. Osborne, a writer and consultant who lives outside Florence, Ala. “You have a moral imperative to do this — to do whatever it takes.”


The discovery of Dry Alabama, the second so-called false flag operation by Democrats in the fiercely contested Alabama race, underscores how dirty tricks on social media are creeping into American politics.


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Joseph O'Brien
Joseph O'Brien

Creeping in? Really?


How can there be any outrage if no one knows or hears about it? It most certainly will not be picked up by mainstream news, It will be lost in the wind by end of day, next…

Democratics are the lowest of all lows on this earth 🌎

smith. jane smith
smith. jane smith

Tell a friend!

Matter of fact, tell TEN!

If just 3 of them tell 2 friends, who tell 2 friends, who….

You get the picture.

Local and in person – not social media – is how you defeat Democrats.


NOBODY was “busted”! Are these tactics libel / slander, or not?


If this was done by a conservative he would already be in jail… Liberals have a “get out of jail free card!”
The blizzard of dirty deals and lies thrown at Judge Moore was breathtaking…. and in a just world should have resulted in jail time for a lot of Democrat “Operatives” and a redo of that election…. but since a DemonRat got elected, it’s all good,… time to move on, nothing to see here. Judge Moore is going after several of these slandering lying women,… wish him the best of luck at getting justice! What was done to him was scurrilous!

Kevin Cowlishaw
Kevin Cowlishaw

Is anyone telling the people of Alabama about this fraud or is it the usual media shutdown?

seth rich
seth rich

This is done in every election, Karl Rove made a career out of it. However the libtard Marxists have made an art form out of it and the idiot sheeple have no idea. The fun begins when the islamo-fascists take over which won’t be long from now at the rate they are herding the sheeple into the Marxist pen.


Comparing this NYT article to the data in another link at CFP:

“Here Are The Obama-Era Officials Allegedly Behind The Alabama False Flag Campaign”

““Roy Moore flooded with fake Russian Twitter followers,” read the headline on a New York Post story….”

The cost of the effort, which was funded by liberal billionaire Reid Hoffman, totaled $100,000 — the identical amount Facebook says the Russian Internet Research Agency spent trolling people on social media leading up to the 2016 presidential election.


My note: Re Russian Internet Research Agency – targetted by Mueller gang – is it going to be discovered this was an Obama Dem Deepstate setup too?


“…the attorneys representing Concord stated that the corrupt Mueller team’s allegations of 13 Russian individuals impacting the 2016 election were “made up” nonsense. The individuals were not even real. The Mueller team had tried to align these individuals with Concord Management.”



Btw, the Feb 2018 Mueller case is the same one in which Mueller indicted a Russian company that did not even exist at the time of the alleged events in the indictment.


MUELLER’S MISTAKES – continued in July 2018 with a different indictment, this time of 12 Russian GRU officers:

“Mueller’s Latest Indictment Ignores Evidence In The Public Domain”


(The same expert who first identified Crowdstrike’s fingerprints in putting “Russian fingerprints” in Guccifer 2.0 docs to blame Russia for the fake DNC “hack” and thus to implicate Wikileaks with Russia and thus to implicate Trump campaign with Wikileaks and Russia. What a convoluted plot!)

BUT: If A=B and B=C then A=C

A – Crowdstrike
B – Guccifer 2.0
C – “The Conspirators” alleged by Mueller to be 12 GRU officials posing as Guccifer 2.0


This is actually quite hilarious, despite the seriousness. Does Mueller and gang not realize they are a snake eating its own tail? Deepstate set up the false flags, the strawmen and then Mueller and gang prosecute the straw men?!!


Haaa, Judge Roy Moore should demand that Mueller and gang indict Reid Hoffman et al’s Russian bots for interfering in US elections.


This should lead to all kinds of federal and state investigations. It won’t. Which means Democrats with money can fund any scheme to bust up a legitimate election with no adverse consequences. Jail time. Prosecutions. These are not going to happen because we have no rule of law. It’s all selective enforcement which engenders disrespect for authority – most of which is fast becoming illegitimate.



New Knowledge
“Operatives with New Knowledge, a group affiliated with Dickerson, created thousands of Twitter accounts posing as Russian bots to boost the election-year chances of Jones — the accounts began following Moore’s Twitter account in October 2017. The project created a slew of Facebook accounts as well that were designed to troll conservatives into opposing Moore.”

[Source: ]


NEW KNOWLEDGE’s report to SSCI in Dec 2018:
101 pages circa November-December 2018

“The Tactics & Tropes of the Internet Research Agency
Analysis by
Renee DiResta, Dr. Kris Shaffer, Becky Ruppel, David
Sullivan, Robert Matney, Ryan Fox (New Knowledge)
Dr. Jonathan Albright (Tow Center for Digital Journalism,
Columbia University)
Ben Johnson (Canfield Research, LLC)”


Pg 20:
“One additional observation of note is an observation of absence: the data provided by Twitter did not include accounts, thought by many observers to be Russian, that were discovered to have engaged in narrative manipulation in 2017. One example of this is @umpire43, which engaged in spreading disinformation during the Roy Moore campaign; this account does not appear in the SSCI data set. It is still possible that such accounts were Russia-owned, but operated by a non-IRA entity. Alternately, they may have belonged to a different adversary.”


Haaaa, the same group behind Russian bots against Republican Roy Moore, giving “expert” analysis to SSCI on Russian bots!



The Russian bots on Roy Moore project:

Mikey Dickerson and New Knowledge
Jonathon Morgan, head of New Knowledge
Reid Hoffman

New Knowledge – people who worked on SSCI report – see pdf
Renee DiResta (New Knowledge)
Dr. Kris Shaffer (New Knowledge)
Becky Ruppel (New Knowledge)
David Sullivan (New Knowledge)
Robert Matney (New Knowledge)
Ryan Fox (New Knowledge)
Dr. Jonathan Albright (Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia University)
Ben Johnson (Canfield Research, LLC)

The Dry Alabama Facebook project:

Evan Coren
Two wealthy Virginia donors – (CIA connected?)
Matt Osborne



Renée DiResta
Lead author of New Knowledge’s Dec 2018 report to SSCI re IRA – see 101-pg PDF above at 2:01 am.
Also directly involved in the Roy Moore operation:

NYT 12-19-18:

“The Alabama project got started as Democrats were coming to grips with the Russians’ weaponizing of social media to undermine the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton and promote Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Morgan [Jonathon Morgan, Chief Executive of New Knowledge] reached out at the time to Renée DiResta, who would later join New Knowledge and was lead author of the report [to the SSCI – Senate Select Committee on Intelligence] on Russian social media operations released this week.

“I know there were people who believed the Democrats needed to fight fire with fire,” Ms. DiResta said, adding that she disagreed. “It was absolutely chatter going around the party.” [My note – what an evil irrationality – if you believe Russians did it, how does using the same technique against an innocent Republican candidate and voters qualify as fighting fire with fire!]

But she said Mr. Morgan simply asked her for suggestions of online tactics worth testing. “My understanding was that they were going to investigate to what extent they could grow audiences for Facebook pages using sensational news,” she said.”

[SO – that’s her alibi. Looks like personal damage control for legal liability while still admitting her willing participation in the merchant of chaos business using sensational news. As lead author of the report to the SSCI, one would assume she either wrote or read the page 20 item re Roy Moore. She would have known those weren’t real Russian bots but instead her own group’s activities, and yet let that stand in the report to the SSCI.]



Jonathan Albright, research director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University

Co-author of leftist “New Knowledge” group Dec 2018 report to SSCI re Russian IRA influence on US elections

Picture: comment image



1. Is he related to Madeline Albright? (Columbia Univ – her alma mater) He’s in his 40s. [We might have to consult Steele’s reliable sources for the answer. Let’s see – there’s a Prague connection! Haaaaa]

2. Here in 11-8-18 WaPo article Jonathan Albright defends CNN’s Jim Acosta by claiming the video of Acosta acosting the WH staffer was altered. Paul Joseph Watson who had downloaded it from DailyWire said he did not alter it.

3. 7-18-18 Puff piece on him by, totally leftist slant by, anti-conservatives, considers them right wing extremists who spread fake news via internet links and Youtube. Which is funny, considering the left’s fake news projects, as in the “New Knowledge” group’s recently exposed sabotage of the Roy Moore election.

Says he’s featured by NYT and WaPo.

“He’s the one who tipped off The Washington Post last October [2017] [Note: that’s the same time as Dem’s “New Knowledge” group’s fake Russia bots action against Roy Moore] to the fact that Russian trolls at the Internet Research Agency reached millions more people on Facebook than the social media giant initially let on.”

[I wonder how long he’s been affiliated with the “New Knowledge” group. He’s obviously shown his affiliation now with his name on their report to the SSCI.]

“It’s Albright’s research that helped build a bruising story in The New York Times on how the Russians used fake identities to stoke American rage.”

“He discovered a trove of exposed Cambridge Analytica [aka UK globalist Deepstate which operated worldwide in a far greater sphere of people manipulation than the “New Knowledge” group] tools in the online code repository Github, long before most people knew the shady, defunct data firm’s name.” [Defunct, maybe. These NWO groups retreat then reappear under new names. This is the group which data-mined FaceBook without users’ consent.]

[This shows which side he’s playing on, deflecting from the DNC, Crowdstrike, Guccifer 2.0, Deepstate setup against Pres. Trump:]
“When the country was hungry for answers about how people had been manipulated online, Albright had plenty of information to feed them. But as keen as Albright’s insights have been, they came a little too late, years after propagandists sitting in St. Petersburg began messing with the US election.”

[MSM lover:]
“Far right propagandists were sharing links to the mainstream media only to refute and distort their reporting.”

[Based on Albright’s data – another WaPo article re Facebook and muh-Russia. Again, concurrent with “New Knowledge” group’s fake Russia bots op against Roy Moore:]
“The story ran on October 5, 2017, under the headline: “Russian propaganda may have been shared hundreds of millions of times, new research says.” ” [My bolding]

[Btw, if you see his methodology of supposition described in the above-quoted and WaPo articles, you’ll see why “may” is the only word of scientific truth in it.]


I’ve been looking for the actual report that purports to expose the New Knowledge group’s involvement.
Neither NYT nor DailyCaller link to it. DailyCaller describes it as having 12 pages. Buzzfeed is reported to have it, but won’t publish it.

I’ve found this:

It’s only 6 pages. We’ll see if it’s authentic.

Web article page dated Dec 27, 2018.


Jpegs of the 6 pages – allegedly the “New Knowledge” group’s after-action report of their meddling in the Roy Moore Alabama senate campaign:

comment image
comment image
comment image
comment image
comment image
comment image